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Your Dreams and Your Vision
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Setting Goals

We will focus on your unique skill set and business goals to discover what franchise opportunity is best for you.

Support & Advice

We provide expert advice and are with you each step of the way as you begin your journey to successful business ownership.

A Trusted System

With decades of experience and expertise, Franchise Fun uses a proven process to build a personalized franchise matching report.

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We provide support and assistance throughout your journey.

Each stage of our 3-step approach revolves around you. Ray offers professional guidance and coaching to uncover your business aspirations and objectives, constructing a personalized plan aligned with your goals. This tailored approach assists you in identifying the ideal franchise opportunity to get you started as a business owner.

Our consultation services will assist you in connecting you to franchisors. With Ray’s experience and trusted relationships, we provide qualified candidates to franchisors, many of whom become their most successful business owners. By utilizing our relationships, you will gain access to a broader range of franchise opportunities that will fit your goals.

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Hot Franchise Concepts for 2023
Home Services

Home Services including work from home businesses with a mobile showroom for flooring, Kitchens, baths, and décor design as well as unique painting and exterior home maintenance and improvement businesses.

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Boutique Fitness

Boutique Fitness operations that allow for cross brand ownership and marketing to support your franchise business empire.

High Demand Businesses
  • Senior Care
  • Dog Care
  • After School Kids Services
    (fitness, swimming, dance, and tutoring)
Semi-absentee Ownership

Semi-absentee ownership business models that allow you to keep your existing high paying job or semi-retirement lifestyle. Some examples include: an exciting and new 3D Printer tech business in a truck model, a craft beer self-pour model with pop-up food vendors in a fun venue location that is positioned for fast growth. Ideal for empire builders looking for more than one store.

Discovery Process With Your Matched Franchise Companies

The process steps you follow with a few different franchise companies you are matched with will vary from franchise company to franchise company but, generally, you will experience a process designed for you to get all your questions answered as well as for them to get to know you better and to see if there is a good fit.

You can expect them to be both selling you on their business and their opportunity as well as continually evaluating you against their ideal franchisee profile.

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However, there are minimum requirements of information to be shared with you as per the federal franchise laws in your country and in some US States and Canadian Provinces there may be a requirement for additional information to be shared. They will provide this information to you in their Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD. Ray will discuss the FDD and Discovery Process with you in much more depth on your calls.

Funding Your Franchise Business
The 5C’s of Credit

It’s an important topic since most people go through some form of financing to start a business. Let’s start with the basics or the ‘5 C’s’ of credit. Most lenders evaluate the strength of a borrower based on their: capital, collateral, capacity, conditions, and character.

This is how much cash, you the borrower, are going to put into the business. Lenders prefer that the borrower have some ‘skin in the game’.

This simply is the personal assets pledged by the borrower as security, such as home equity.

Lenders evaluate whether the borrower has the ability to repay the loan based on the proposed amount and terms, taking into consideration the projected revenues of the business and sources of income.

Refers to the terms of the loan itself, as well as the economic conditions and the purpose of the loan.

This is the lender’s subjective assessment of the borrower’s honesty, reliability, work history, and business skills, as well as the more objective look at credit score and credit history.
Now, let’s look at some popular funding options available:

You have the cash or liquidity to fund 100% of the investment yourself.

HELOC – Home Equity Line of Credit

This can be a relatively low-cost method of funding your business depending on the value of your home and interest rates.

SBA Loan (in USA only)

A most common form of small business financing and can be done through local, regional, or national lenders (Wells Fargo, BoA, etc.). The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a guarantee on these loans – making the loan very attractive and less risky to the bank.

ROBS (401K Rollover for Business Start-ups in USA)

Allows you to invest up to 100% of your retirement funds into your new business/franchise without penalty or taxes for early withdrawal. Commonly used to provide cash injections for SBA loans.

Unsecured or Term Loan

Also referred to as a ‘signature loan’ because the loan is based upon the borrower having a very good credit score and there is no required collateral. However, you should expect to show them your last 2 years of employment history at 50k income or better as an individual.

Remember, whatever your funding option, a franchisor will have some minimum financial requirements which are usually around your net worth and liquidity.

Not to worry, Ray MacNeil can connect you with a funding expert early and generally before you speak with a franchise company, so you know your best options, timeline to get funded and your investment budget.

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