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Why I Prioritize Sustainability Over Trends in Franchising
  • September 1, 2023

Emergent trends can be alluring but can obscure the bigger picture of a business’s longevity.

Take Jordan. She’s an entrepreneur who started a VR gaming franchise. Despite her initial success, market volatility and the fleeting nature of trends left her without a business.

Hopefully, Jordan learned a few lessons from her business. Fortunately, we can benefit just from hearing it.

Here are the takeaways from my mind:

Avoid FOMO

Actually, you can’t avoid FOMO (the fear of missing out). However, you can avoid basing your decisions on it. Instead, I like to choose franchises based on what franchises people need in their lives.

Distinguish Between Long Term and New Trends

Immediate profitability doesn’t guarantee longevity. Focus on franchises with a proven track record unless you’re financially prepared for shortfalls.

Value Adaptability

A franchise’s resilience to market fluctuations will determine its longevity. You want to get a franchise that performs well in good times and bad times.

In short, channel your inner Warren Buffett. (You can hold off on the Coke and peanut brittle.)

  • Base your investments on prudence, not novelty.
  • Be cautious. Be methodical.
  • Focus on consistent growth and sustainability.

Of course, it’s not as exciting, but you’re far more likely to outperform investors who roll the dice in the long term.

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