Could 2024 be the year to flip the script on your career choice?
  • February 22, 2024

It’s no secret that the beginning of the year is traditionally a time of reflecting on what worked and didn’t work in the previous year and where we want to make new plans and adjustments for the new one. Unfortunately, coming into 2024, layoffs are still happening, and company loyalty is proving to be an empty promise.


It may be time to think about the dreams you put on the shelf when you thought your current role would be enough to deliver what you wanted. It’s time to intentionally bring those dreams back into focus and explore the exciting opportunities that await.

Could 2024 be the year to flip the script on your career choice and take the first step toward business ownership?


As someone who started my own business from scratch, worked in both corporate and government, and recruited for franchise companies globally, let me tell you why franchising can be your best option for owning your own business.

1. Nobody Starts From Zero!

Franchisors will give you everything you need in training, marketing support, and sales help. While each concept and company are different, a franchise is basically a business in a box ready for you! All you have to do is invest the money and time and go!

2. Ongoing Support

When you invest in a franchise concept, the franchisor will train you to have all the information you need and help you find territory if you’ve invested in a concept that requires a physical location. Even better, this initial help and support doesn’t stop once you get your business up and running. It continues for as long as you own your business, allowing you to go further faster!

3. You Get To Talk To Current Franchisees.

This opportunity does not exist anywhere else. Having the chance to speak with past and existing franchisees lets you know exactly what you’re getting into and if it’s a right fit for you BEFORE committing to anything or spending any money. It’s as close as you can get to looking into a crystal ball to see your potential future through their franchise ownership experiences.

4. Plan Your Retirement.

You may decide to sell your business at some point. When that day comes, the person who comes to purchase your business from you will get all these same benefits from the franchisor. They will handle the onboarding, training, and support, so you don’t have to or you are retained for a few hours a week by the buyer as a consultant. It’s your choice!

If this is the year that you finally decide to learn more about the world of franchising, I would love to help. Put some time on my calendar for a quick call to find the answers you need.

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