Discover the True Power of Your ‘Why’ in Business Ownership
  • June 6, 2024

Have you heard the question, ‘What is your Why?’ When I initially talk with my franchise candidates about why they want to own a business, I usually get platitudes like more money, flexibility, freedom, and tired of working for someone else. Those are valid reasons and a good starting point. But your WHY has to be strong enough to invest the time and money to be awarded a franchise and to succeed.

I’ve followed Tony Robbins and his business partner, Dean Graziosi, for years. In the compelling video above, Dean explains the importance of going seven levels deep in your WHY. A colleague of mine worked with a CFO and Olympic athlete who completed this exercise. He told me how this Olympic athlete stated his last reason, “why,” that he wanted his father (a business owner) to finally be proud of him; my heart sank; an Olympic athlete wasn’t his dad already proud of him!?

Enjoy this exercise below and use it for anything you’re trying to accomplish.


By going through all seven levels, you’ll uncover your true “WHY,” which will be your driving force. This allows you to move from your head (platitudes) to your heart (real reasons) and find a business that matches both.


I want to be a franchise business owner because/so I can…

(Write down seven reasons & WHY each of those are important to you)

1. Why?… Because

2. Why?… So I can

3. Why?… Because

4. Why?… So I can

5. Why?… Because

6. Why?… So I can

7. Why?… Because

I’d love to discuss this with you further. Let’s talk!

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