Paint Your Path: Seize the Opportunity in this Thriving Market!
  • April 2, 2024

Signs of spring are beginning to emerge around my house, with perennials pushing up through the soil and the snow and ice now gone, exposing many spring maintenance jobs. This includes painting the exterior of my house and, why not, the interior for a house custom-built in the 1970s? Do you love your home and have no plans to move? Have you decided that you need to upgrade, update, or simply get it ready for sale?

Sure, I could take months to paint it myself if I had the time or if I could manage the stress of being asked, “Is it done yet?” In my past life, when I owned a construction company, I would send a couple of employees over to work on my house when I could afford to take them off a job site. They were pros, and I was just their boss who never painted. It seems like a smart move if you ask me.

Can you imagine how many commercial customers I had who, while working on their business, the owner, the president, or even their employees, took the time to get to know us because we were there often? They asked, “Can you do some work on my house when you have time?” When it comes to building your business, think about your target market. Imagine a business where most of your revenue comes from commercial clients, especially repeat customers loyal to you and paying your price. If they like you enough to work on their business, it is reasonable to conclude that they will trust you with their home and working with their family.

My marketing was easy: I did an excellent job for my commercial clients, and they would refer me to their family and friends. There are franchise concepts in the commercial and home services industry that enjoy a national brand with national accounts, where the franchisee benefits from the relationship at the local level. But don’t be fooled! The franchisor opens the door for you, but you still must deliver great service to get that repeat and referral business.

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